KAMI Manga/Anime Hair Add-on for Blender

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Kami helps you creating hair in a manga/anime style. Kami is found in the N-panel (the right panel in the 3d view port) with the best tools to make hair creation easier. It is also a great start for sculpting. Kami uses custom bevel profiles for curves so you will need Blender 2.91 and up.

Kami is free because I made this in the first place to make my own life easier and it might help other Blender heads. If you like the add-on please buy me a coffee. I would love to see what you made with Kami on Twitter or Instagram. You can tag with @lumpapps if you want.


Version 1.11b2

Fix for Blender 3.0 : Attribute Error: 'Curve' object has no attribute 'use_fill_deform' causing Kami to give errors.

Version 1.1

- Adds Taper Shape options
- Cleaner mesh conversion

Don't forget to check out my other add-on as well: https://gumroad.com/l/MixnMax

Workflow example

This workflow may be different then yours but it gives an idea of what is possible.


New Features version 1.1

  • The KAMI Add-on ready to install (digital file)

  • version
  • For Blender version
    2.91 and up
  • The KAMI Add-on ready to install (digital file)
  • version1.11b
  • For Blender version2.91 and up


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KAMI Manga/Anime Hair Add-on for Blender

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